Welcome to lindaperrystudio.com. This website features all new original content from Linda Perry. Linda is widely known as the singer of the 4 Non Blondes hit "What's Up", but her work as a producer and songwriter showcases a range of talents that have come to define the sound of contemporary music. Check back for new content every week and get some insight on the work of an amazing woman whose music has changed the world. 


Secret Woman

Linda recognizes the need to offer guidance and support to younger people, especially women, and she strives to be a nurturing figure. Her new series “Secret Woman” offers professional insight and personal wisdom from women who have made careers for themselves, and made themselves who they want to be.

Real to Reel

Step inside Linda's studio for insight and tips from one of the industry's most accomplished women, and Linda's unique take on whatever life happens to throw her way. Check back for new episodes every other week.

Geared Up

Geared Up features in-depth tutorials on gear and techniques from Linda Perry's studio. Linda's Chief Engineer Luis Flores is our host, providing clear and simple descriptions of some of Linda's iconic gear, as well as how to achieve great results when recording at home. 

Squirrel Talk

Linda has an affinity for the squirrels and birds in the yard at the studio, and there's always plenty of food around for them. Her brother John is always keeping the laughs rolling at the studio, and in this video the two combine for cuteness and fun.