Linda Perry Presents: Secret Woman

Every woman has a secret self. She lives just below the surface. She never says her name, or mentions what she does. She doesn’t seek praise, solicit attention, or concern herself with what goes on in the world. She is a secret between herself, and the woman who keeps her. She knows when it’s time to stand up, and she knows when it’s time to speak out. The Secret Woman is the ideal self that we all strive for. She is the result of hard work, strong values, and relentless dedication, and she is the beacon that summons a generation of youth to a meaningful future.

The current social narrative is calling for more and more strong female voices everyday. The demand cannot be filled rapidly enough, because its purpose is the undoing of centuries of abuse and denigration. It will be some time before our society can heal itself from the toxic and harmful narratives of macho male dominance that deem women to be lesser beings. But the more stories we tell, and the faster we tell them the more rapidly we can distance ourselves from a shameful past in which women were not revered.

Linda recognizes the need to offer guidance and support to younger people, especially women. Her new series “Secret Woman” offers professional insight and personal wisdom from women who have made careers for themselves, and made themselves who they want to be.